Is It A Good Time To Sell?

Time To Sell

When looking to sell your property you should consider more than just “When can I sell to get the highest price?” You should also consider what opportunities may be lost by remaining in a home you no longer want.

Waiting to sell your current home until prices increase generally means that the home you wish to purchase will also increase. This means any additional profit from the sale of your old home is used to pay a higher price on your new home.

Also, if you have already moved and the home you want to sell is sitting vacant, then you need to consider the costs of holding onto your old home. By waiting to sell you may obtain a higher price, but the additional cost may offset any increase in the sale price.

If a new home would provide greater happiness, then by waiting you are forgoing that enjoyment. Whether it’s a new neighbourhood, better schools or shorter commute, all of this comes at a cost.

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