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Selling Tips

Selling Tips

On average a home owner sells a property once every 5 to 7 years. When it comes to preparing your property for sale, first impressions count. By following these simple, inexpensive selling tips, you will help to make your homes sale a success.

Making your home comfortable while you’re living there is fine; but once you decide to sell, you need to let other people see your home it at its best.

Some turn offs include:

  • Animal odours;
  • Cigarette or strong food odours;
  • Cracked windows or broken locks;
  • Doors or windows that don’t open or close;
  • Evidence of damp or mould in the walls or ceiling;
  • Stained carpets;
  • Too much furniture or too many personal items.

Presentation is the key:

  • Have your home detailed thoroughly;

If you can’t do this yourself, consider having a professional do it for you. It is a relatively small investment, and will increase the appeal of your home, and more than likely will increase the final sales price.

  • Remove clutter and excessive personal items;

Excessive items tend to make a home feel smaller and can hinder your potential buyer from fully appreciating what your home has to offer.

  • Clean the kitchen and bathrooms and toilets, including all floors;
  • Clean windows, doors and window sills – allow fresh air in and use air freshener if needed;
  • Keep the lawns and gardens neat and remove all excess rubbish;
  • Clear leaves from gutters and remove cobwebs from the outside of the home;
  • Check and replace broken door or window glass panels and locks;
  • Make sure all entry areas are uncluttered and welcoming to potential buyers.

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